W E D D I N G   |   SCHALK + JACOMI   |   14  March  2017


5  years ago I photographed Jacomi’s sister Dirkie’s wedding. It was one of the most highlighted weddings I had done in my photography career.

When Jacomi asked if CHATT Photography was available to photograph her wedding day, I was immediately excited to shoot another Schabort wedding! This family is absolutely amazing, loving, kind, fun and everything a family stands for. And obviously a pleasure to work with….

Schalk + Jacomi got married in Frankfort on a beautiful venue which use to be a sheep farm. ( What photographer doesn’t love traveling )

There is so much to say about this Namibian couple and their special day, but I’ll let the photos do the typing…. ENJOY!


E N G A G E M E N T   P H O T O G R A P H Y   |   6  March 2017

South African groom David + Canadian bride Adrienne have a beautiful story.

They met online on a Christian dating site where they got to know each other. After a few months they decided to meet in Cairo where Adrienne was teaching at an American school. After a few days together they already knew they wanted to get married. Soon, Adrienne flew to the western cape where David proposed in The Wilderness. This was after they had already started with the wedding arrangements.

This shoot took place on a beach in Sedgefield. It was also only their second visit with each other, yet you can see their love.

They went on to get married in Canada, a romantic honeymoon in Greece, then back to Cairo where they stayed while Adrienne finished her contract at the American school.

They now live in Fish Hoek, Cape Town and are expecting their firstborn, a baby girl. Keep a look out for their maternity shoot here on CHATT-blog…. happening soon.


P O R T R A I T   P H O T O G R A P H Y   |   1  March 2017

The lovely and talented actress Nastassja Jooste Pretorius